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FF Magazine plants a new forest for the bisons.


 Let's think and act eco-friendly! 

 We all know that forests are the lungs of our planet.

1. The total area of the forests on Earth is 38 million square kilometres or nearly 1/3 of all the land.

2. Forests growing on the territory of Russia make up nearly 22% of all the forests on Earth.

3. Siberia is the richest place in forests in Russia. Excluding the Far East region it has an area of more then 12 million square kilometres. A little less then 2/3 of this territory are the taiga forests.

4. The russian taiga forest is the biggest forestland on Earth.

5. The russian taiga forests absorb 15% of all the CO2 in the world annually. It amounts to 500 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. Additional 100 million tonnes are absorbed by other russian forestlands.

6. During the last 10.000 years more then 65% of all the forests of Eurasia were destroyed.

7. Only the world production of paper leads to the cut-down of 125 million trees. In addition to that there is a countless amount of junk mail and advertisement papers laying around in our postboxes, communal entrance hallways, litter bins and on the streets. (Source )

Every edition of our magazine takes 400 kg of paper. 10 trees need to be cut down to produce it. In 1 year it makes a whole forest meadow. We couldn't stop thinking about it. And finally we found a great solution! This is the russian service "Maraquia" which allows to restore dead or damaged forests in the most unique places: national parks and areas of outstanding national beauty. It also helps to preserve the habitats of various rare animals and birds.


You only need to choose a place on the satellite map and enter the amount of the trees you would like to plant. The forester in the area will buy young plants, prepare the ground, plant the new trees and look after them during the next 5 years. You can monitor the process directly on the website. Besides that, the prices offered by Maraquia service are lower than those provided by other similar projects. It is achieved through reduction of the number of intermediaries and the usage of the newest technologies.

The trees are planted in spring and autumn. We are going to plant our forest right now and invite you to be part of this action.

We have chosen the area in the national park "Orlovskoye Polesye".

The forest area damaged because of twig blight of the spruce forest is located on the territory of the national park "Orlovskoye Polesye". We are planning to restore the mixed pine and birch forest. The damaged forest area is the habitat of more than 280 rare Red Book bisons. The population of bisons formed in the region between Oryol, Bryansk and Kaluga districts is the biggest amongst the populations of pure-bred bisons in Russia. The restoration of the forests in this region will help to boost the new births in the european bison population. As a result they will pass the 500 animals threshold and will not be included in the Red Book any more.

You can plant your forest here 

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