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 First Russian magazine for feltmakers.
Interviews with the famous artists. Photos from the felt events. The most interesting things in the felt world.About art and craftsmanship, about felt,connecting all these fields. Read all about it in the new edition of FeltFashion!   With an English translation. Shipping Worldwide

































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About us

Who we are and where are we from...


Alexandra Rasumeeva

Chief editor


Felt is a wonderful medium.


Everyone who has ever organized chaos of raw wool creating a felt masterpiece, becomes disciple of a special religion – the religion of the felt art. Anyway how could one resist? The capabilities of felt are endless and the transfornation of the heap of raw wool into a piece looks like real wonder!


The whining skeptics may claim that felting is just an ordinary technique of producing unwoven fabrics. We do anyway know that felt cannot be ordinary... It can be delightful and shocking, redolent and intriguing, and makes you forget about all other types of art and craft opening lots of new ways for self-realisation.


That is why more and more people in Russia where the words felt and valenki were synonymous until recently are becoming fond of felt works. One day I joined them with the help of Julia Khabarova, the wonderful pioneering tutor from Saint-Petersburg. Joined … and got lost. I gave up all other crafts – painting, knitting, beadwork, that I had been doing before, and dived into the world of fantastic works of the foreign felt artists.


I wanted to try everything, create toys, panel pictures, shoes and hats, bags, dresses and jackets... Although the limited space I could use for felting and the impossibility to give up the much loved but very time consuming work as an editor made me feel content with smaller shapes.


Meanwhile dramatic changes happened in the local world of felting. What wonderful pieces can our russian artists create now! They have not only caught up with the level of the foreign artists but even surpassed some of them and become role models for feltmakers all over the world. Sometimes one can hardly believe one's eyes examining their works. How could they make such wonderful items? What ideas flow through their ingenious minds? Where do they get the inspiration from? How much practice does it take to achieve those levels of art?


It was my desire to get to know a bit more about these people, ask them lots of questions, feel the mysterious artistic aura surrounding them. These would have remained just dreams, had I not met Natalia Shmakova. She was inspired by the idea of creating a magazine for feltmakers.


Editing the magazine is not easy, but enthusiasm works miracles as we all know. As it turned out, we were even more enthusiastic than necessary. Of course! After all it was all about creation of a magazine for feltmakers! Amusing, helpful, intriguing, uniting and inspiring information about the world of felt, gathered in one place. What could be better? Grow, create, conversate, experiment, travel, visit events. Dear friends, we will share all our discoveries with you through our magazine. Believe us, no discovery or revelation will be hidden!


Join us and let's conquer the peaks of felting together!


Natalia Shmakova



Felting is my passion. It is my way of finding harmony with the world, the way to express my inner position, a kind of praxis and meditation.

This possession with felt helped me to develop my artistic, organizational and business skills.


I am happy to be doing things I like. I love setting objectives and achieving results.


Here are my working projects:


​ Designer toys boutique “Sunduchok” (“Сofferet”), online shop

​ Annual international exhibition of felt and art textiles “The new life of tradition”

​ ​ Felting wool wholesale and retail, online shop

​ Tuition project “Let's open your own shop”


There are also lots of ideas waiting to be brought to life!


The idea to edit a magazine for the ones as obsessed with felting as I am came to me a long time ago. There was a huge lack of information when we all started to discover felt. Now there is a lot of information, and we have to spend hours to find something really inspiring.


When I met Alexandra Razumeeva, I felt that there would be a magazine! Alexandra is a professional editor and a crazy feltmaker as we all are.


I am sure we will create a wonderful magazine that you will definitely appreciate!


Dear feltmakers, I count upon your trust and support!


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