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Antology of designer felt

Antology of designer felt

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Right before our eyes a wave of interest for felting has risen on the serene surface of the ocean of arts and crafts, and now that wave has reached Russia. First artists and studios, first students, first felting supplies shops were the forerunners of the development of an entire  industry with shops, exhibitions, contests, markets and workshops. A couple of years have passed feeling like an era. There turned up artists whom we could easily call living treasures. We have all witnessed this happening. This book is an attempt to create a record of the events, to catch the moment of the rise of modern feltmaking and comprehend its development process, to extract the trends of the artistic deflection inside the traditional craft. 


Prologue 6 

Felting traditions of the Central Eurasia 8

The living record of felt renaissance 24

Russia, XXI century 44

Addresses 119


5 reasons to buy the book


“Anthology of designer felt”


Good investment

Collector's editions are always a good investment. Their prices will only go up.



This book is a chronicle of live events. It is always a pleasure to read about the people you know personally.



The book contains inspirational pictures of more than 200 works created in different styles and techniques.


Very pleasing

Good quality edition, nice pictures and articles are pleasure for the soul, something that is always near.


Worth knowing

The historical part of this book contains information about the history of felt in the European and Asian regions, as well as something to discover about the techniques of feltmaking and the sacred and magical meaning of felt.




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